Find Your Voice, Transform Your Life!

Sing joyfully, speak up confidently, and live your one beautiful, blissful life out loud. Connect your voice with your body through focused breathing techniques, grounding meditation, uplifting affirmations, and flat-out FUN!

This is more than just a typical vocal coaching program… get ready to let go of self-doubt and believe in yourself!

Imagine singing your favorite karaoke song in front of a crowd, having the time of your life…
and not feeling hung up on what other people think of how you sound.

Imagine leading a meeting in a male-dominated workplace and delivering your insightful points clearly and confidently…
without holding back your ideas out of fear of being judged.

Imagine expressing yourself – your needs, your wants, your dreams…
without stumbling over your words, speaking too softly to be heard, or letting perfectionism paralyze you.

Whether you’re singing to an audience, communicating in a professional setting, or simply conveying your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in your personal life, your voice represents who you are and how your message is received.

You want it to be clear, strong, and undeniably yours!

But finding your authentic voice is not always easy…

After years of clinging to limiting beliefs, it’s not so easy to sing or speak up the way you want to.

Something keeps holding you back. Maybe you…

  • Are a “people pleaser” who’s worried about what others think about you or your performance, so you hold back from truly expressing yourself
  • Compare yourself to others (and feel like you’re subpar) so your self-esteem slowly slides downward
  • Have been told, “Speak up, I can’t hear you” and felt embarrassed because you KNOW you have valuable contributions to make…you just can’t get them out
  • Are tired of not feeling heard or seen or understood at work, in relationships, or on stage and want that to CHANGE
  • Wrestle with wanting everything to be perfect before you begin a project, which means you often put off making progress and reaching your goals
  • Stopped talking, sharing, or contributing to conversations because you don’t think people will listen; maybe you even lost out on promotions or relationships as a result
  • Feel like words literally “get stuck” in your throat and desperately want to express yourself but feel too flooded with fear to try
  • Feel like your palms sweat and your heart beats out of your chest at networking events or social gatherings as your turn to share or present approaches

If these issues sound like they’re outside the realm of what a traditional voice coach would cover, you’re 100% right!

To conquer these emotionally draining challenges that so many of us face, you need a holistic approach.

One that shows you how to connect your physical body and your mindset to your voice.

An approach that guides you on using that connection to sing as naturally and beautifully as you’ve always imagined… speak with the authority and authenticity of someone who knows their thoughts deserve to be heard as much as anyone else’s.


Find Your Voice, Transform Your Life!

In this 12-week hybrid (group and 1-on-1) coaching program, you’ll jump into a proven system of multi-layered vocal, breath, and confidence training.

You’ll immerse yourself in a community of like-minded women who want to overcome vocal and confidence issues just like yours. This community will act as your accountability partners, support system, and cheering squad as you learn the strategies to grow your confidence in your voice each week.

Our goal will be to clear out the cobwebs of your limiting beliefs and replace them with a new empowering mindset through practices like meditation, affirmations, and overall positive thinking.

We’ll also work on the physical aspects of finding your voice, including using proper breathing techniques that slow down your nervous system and center your physical and mental being so you feel ready to sing and speak like you were born for the stage.

And there’s a good dose of fun mixed in because that’s what learning should be!

Hi, I’m Sloane Reali

A Holistic Voice & Confidence Practitioner!

I’ve helped thousands of women just like you find more than just their vocal talents. They found their healing breath, their confidence, and their joy for life.

When you work with me, we take a unique and holistic approach to finding and accessing your voice.

See, I’m not your ordinary vocal coach. What we do goes way beyond that. And it’s not just about singing or speaking. I developed my unique approach because of my experience growing up…

Were you also told to “stay quiet” or that “you can’t sing” or just “shut up”?

Because even though we’ve grown into adults, those deep-rooted messages can stay with us, affecting our interactions with people, our success at work, and our communication in general. One of the most important things we’ll do together is sweep away those long-held thoughts that are holding you back.

When you release those limiting beliefs and value your own thoughts and feelings enough to express them out loud, it changes EVERYTHING.

That’s especially true for your personal relationships! If you’re in a good relationship where you feel loved and treasured, say so, and it will grow even stronger. And if you’re NOT, say so; you can either work to improve things or get out of there!


When I started offering voice instruction over 20 years ago, I knew that building vocal skills was about more than just the sound of your voice.

There are many mental and physical layers involved, like:

  • Learning proper breathing techniques (believe it or not, most people do NOT breathe correctly!)
  • Using affirmations to improve mindset and boost confidence
  • Letting go of people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies and embracing FUN

And that’s how I started approaching each and every client.

Proper breathing and mindset work can improve more than just your voice

After just one session with me and my somewhat unorthodox approach, my clients experience immediate and powerful shifts with their voices, their confidence, and their health.

They walk out of their sessions standing taller and bubbling over with confidence, riding the wave of positive energy from our time together. Witnessing those transformations consistently, I knew I was onto something. I’ve been helping my clients with singing, speaking, and overall well-being ever since.

And this may sound odd, but I often get referrals from ear, nose, & throat doctors, speech pathologists, and pulmonologists!


Because their patients experience problems that stem from not breathing correctly. It sounds like such a basic skill, but most of us are either hyperventilating or shallow breathing, causing more stress and anxiety.

Even those who suffer from migraines and back pain have found relief with targeted breathwork. It’s truly amazing how good proper breathing can help you feel!

That’s why I consider myself a Holistic Voice & Confidence Practitioner. My work focuses on your whole being – mind and body – because your voice is intertwined with all of you.

And now, with my Find Your Voice, Transform Your Life! hybrid (group & 1-on-1) coaching program, I’m hoping to help even more people heal (both physically and mentally), feel more confident, and ignite their joy for life!

Wondering how it all works?

We’ll explore and demystify the voice, the myths, and misunderstandings… and we’ll do it all together as a community.

Each week, you’ll complete exercises that touch on all aspects of voice, including physical, mental, singing, speaking, breathing, tempo, and melody.
You’ll even explore how to use the five elements – earth, air, water, fire, and metal – effectively when communicating with others.

And I can promise you, even if you’re anxious to get started, you’ll FEEL yourself walking taller and smiling bigger after every session!

In the Find Your Voice, Transform Your Life program, you’ll:

  • Learn how your body and mind connect with your voice
  • Use effective breathing techniques to boost the power of your voice
  • Bust old myths about voice that might be holding you back
  • Identify the approaches to singing and speaking that best fit your preferred style of learning
  • Learn the basics of rhythm and singing in tune
  • Discover the best way to approach singing as part of a group

How do we do all that?

We break everything down into small, doable steps.

Together, we’ll explore:

  • Powerful fear-busting exercises to help kick anxiety to the curb so you can speak and/or sing with your authentic voice
  • Ice-breakers to get you using your voice right away and help you grow more comfortable speaking in a group
  • How to listen better and match pitch so you can feel more confident when you sing
  • Step-by-step strategies on how to approach any piece of material so you can feel prepared to perform or present on just about any topic
  • Real-world suggestions for starting to sing with other people so you can have FUN doing what you enjoy without fear of embarrassment
  • Inspirational ideas about art, courage, and self-expression so you’ll feel ready to share your voice with the world around you

You’ll notice that a lot of these steps are strategic in nature versus being solely focused on developing the sound of your voice. That’s completely on purpose!

I’m not a therapist or a doctor, but much of what we will do together is therapeutic, tangible, and practical, while still having a ton of fun!

It all begins with breathwork and carries over into grounding techniques for relaxation, like yogic stretching, meditations, and affirmations. You won’t believe the profound effect these practices will have on you AND your voice!

“I found the breathing exercises and Sloane’s feedback and coaching on my speech to be very helpful. I was lacking confidence and feeling some anxiety prior to working with her, but now I’m quite excited!”

Emily C.

“When I first started with Sloane, I never thought I would make it this far – I just didn’t have the confidence. It was money and time well-spent.”

Amanda M.

“I did my first news segment today, and could not have done it without Sloane’s encouragement.”

Margaret L.

Your life will never be – or sound – the same after you Find Your Voice!

Here’s what you’ll get in this one-of-a-kind hybrid program:

Private Sessions

Value: $2,000

4 Live Private 1-on-1 Sessions with Me (Up to Twice Per Month, Online) where I will focus solely on helping YOU overcome your unique challenges with support, accountability, and valuable feedback. (That’s FOUR HOURS with me all to yourself!)
(Value: $2,000)

Live Group

Value: $1,800

8 Live Group Coaching Sessions (2-3 times Per Month, Online) with me and a supportive and encouraging community of women with similar goals. They’ll be recorded for viewing whenever it’s convenient.
(Value: $1,800)

24/7 Access

Value: $500

24/7 Access to Recordings, Audio Files, and Instructional Videos brimming with my proven systems and strategies. Watch on your own schedule and in your preferred learning style so you can do the crucial foundational work to find your voice.
(Value: $500)


Value: $2,000

Find Your Voice Workbook packed with chapter recaps and assignment descriptions.
(Value: $200)

Jotting Journal

Value: $100

Jotting Journal for capturing thoughts and ideas (or doodling!) so you can unleash your creative, playful side.
(Value: $100)

More Tools

Value: $200

Additional tools to help you get results, including a Supporting Playbook, Study Guides, plus skill drills and exercises to develop your voice AND your confidence.
(Value: $200)

Private Membership

Value: $200

Membership in a private Facebook group (just for this program!) with easy access to video modules, templates, tools, and a like-minded, supportive community where you can support other women just like you.
(Value: $200)

Safe & Supportive

Value: $1,000

Golden opportunities to boost your comfort level by practicing your new presentation skills and performing online in a safe, supportive environment.
(Value: $1,000)

PLUS, these amazing Bonuses worth an extra $2,700 will also be yours:

Feedback from Your Field Trips (Virtual) Take your new skills for a spin outside our usual classroom environment. Share a speech at your local Toastmasters. Perform at karaoke, an open mic, or a recording studio. Record it and pop it in our private group for loving and supportive feedback and celebration. Feeling that surge in your comfort level and confidence opens the door for your authenticity to SHINE.
(Value: $1,000)

Feedback and Guidance from Other Experts in the vocal coaching space, so you’re getting much more than just my two decades of knowledge and expertise. This pro feedback keeps you motivated and on track as you develop your voice to its fullest potential!
(Value: $1,000)

Be the Star You Already Are Mini-Course Ever wonder how to reach certain notes in a song? Remove the guesswork with this self-paced pre-recorded training! Discover how to rock six different songs, each in a different musical genre, and prepare to WOW your friends at karaoke.
(Value: $300)

Easy-to-Use Script Templates For Challenging Conversations Get guidance on how to use your voice in various scenarios (either conversational or musical) so you won’t feel paralyzed when figuring out how to approach a particular situation.
(Value: $200)

The 15 Simple Exercises for Gaining the Confidence to Fully Use Your Voice PDF e-booklet offers ways to get a quick shot of self-assurance when you’re about to speak in front of a crowd. With this handy guide, you’ll approach every speaking opportunity with poise and belief in your abilities.
(Value: $200)

Find Your Voice, Transform Your Life!

Is worth a total of $8,700!

Sign up for this life-changing program by Saturday, October 22, and begin singing joyfully, speaking up confidently, and living your one beautiful life out loud!


  • (Save $198!)


$599/two payments

Once you sign up for Find Your Voice, Transform Your Life, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and providing details on what happens next, including upcoming group sessions, private sessions with me, and more!

Not sure this program is for you?

Here’s my guarantee…

Anyone who puts effort into this program will get results. I KNOW this in my bones! So here’s my guarantee…

If you can show your participation and effort by:

  • Showing up for all the 1-on-1 or group coaching calls each week
  • Doing the work assigned in the recorded trainings and in the group and private sessions

And you STILL don’t reach your vocal goals, just email me within seven days of the last group call, and I’ll refund your money.

Yes, I’m taking a risk here…and I realize that you’re taking a risk, too. You’re entrusting me to help you find your voice, and I’m trusting that you won’t rip me off!

But I feel so strongly that this program will have a HUGE positive impact on your life, I’m choosing to believe that you and all of my clients will be fair and honest.

And I hope you DO put in the effort, because I can’t wait to witness how happy, energized, and confident you feel when we’re done!

“I have connected with a deep integral part of myself. I feel like I have just learned how to speak ‘me’ from the deepest place, and connect deeply with others, just from following Sloane’s direction. I am so pleased where this is taking me in my life…to some wonderful unexpected places.”

Amy Z.

“I’ve gotten better about not worrying as much about what others might think. Facing fear has been a big thing for me, so being able to practice something that makes me feel uncomfortable in a safe and supportive environment with Sloane’s positive encouragement has been helpful in challenging me to try new things with my voice I would not have done on my own.”

Rachel S.

“Sloane has taken me from zero experience to having some skills in my tool belt that have helped me be more confident on stage, and how to carry myself in a way that I can project my voice without straining which I had always struggled with. She taught me proper vocal techniques for breathing and specific elements that effect and enhance your singing all in a super fun way.”

Jezaira K.

“The confidence I’ve built while working with Sloane has been Amazing! Post surgery I was really struggling with some vocal issues. She taught me how to project safely, how to breathe correctly, and how to stop straining. My experience with Sloane was not only fun and healing but really beautiful.”

Amy P.

“Working with Sloane has really helped me with mindfulness and connecting with my breath both for meditation and grounding my voice making a major improvement for me in both my vocal performance and professional work.”

Anna T.

Are you ready to stop holding back, quit letting fear get in your way, and start being heard?

The time is now…

Other people are going to keep getting the gigs, the promotions, the raises, and the relationships… just like always. But you deserve all those things, too!

Do you have the courage to do something different? You have the power to change your life. Will you go for it?? I’d love to meet you in the course!

Say what?

Q. I’m not sure I have the time for this program… do I need to attend all the group calls?

A. I know life is busy! That’s why this program is self-paced, allowing you to move through the training material at your preferred speed and on your own schedule. Plus, all the group sessions will be recorded, so you can access the replays and soak up every golden nugget from our shared discussions whenever it’s convenient.

Q. I don’t enjoy working online, and I’m afraid I’ll get confused. Is this too complicated for me?

A. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to set everything up, plus you’ll have access to our tech team to help with anything that’s confusing. I want to make sure you get all the help you need to reach your goals.

Q. This sounds like a LOT of content. How will I keep up?

A. It’s true… we’ll work on a lot of different skills. That’s why we weave FOUR private 1-on-1 sessions into the program. We’ll devote extra attention to the areas where YOU need more guidance, even if you’re not as far along as some other clients. I’ll be with you every step of the way to offer support and personalized instruction!

Q. I don’t use Facebook. How will I access the program videos and materials?

A. You can access the videos via a Zoom link that takes you directly to the course recordings.

Q. I’m great at starting things, but not so good about finishing them. Is this another program that will sit on my pile of abandoned courses?

A. It’s all about personal connections! The EIGHT group calls help keep you accountable, and the FOUR 1-on-1 coaching calls with me help you make tremendous progress and be successful. Plus, there are regular check-ins and tons of support from me and the community, so staying committed will be much easier!