Women’s Vocal Empowerment:

From Anxious to Awesome

Voice Confidence and Courage In Just 1 Day!

April 27th, 2023 • 10am-Noon Pacific

Here’s what you can expect to learn in our time together.

  • How to uncover the “stories” that have kept you in a lifelong trap of fear with your voice
  • Access and activate your authentic voice
  • Determine your unique tonal quality and sound
  • How to nurture your voice using essential tools to unleash your full voice in any situation
  • Discover how an empowered voice plays a role in boundaries, success, and your relationships at home, at work, and in just about any social situation
  • Stop the self-doubt, feel more self-assured
  • Find vocal confidence so you can impress all your friends at the next karaoke party
  • Practice essential tools to unleash your full voice in any situation

Hi, I’m Sloane

I believe I was put on this planet to help you find your voice.

I finally realized who I am at my core. A passionate soul desiring those around me to tap into their divine power, fueled by a healthy wind-pipe.

I’ve spent a lot of time helping my clients find their voice, build confidence and unlock their potential. I want to create a safe space for you to learn some simple tools to access your authentic voice and address the mental roadblocks that have prevented you from achieving this. Ultimately, you become the best version of yourself when you have the ability to tap into your true voice with confidence.

Throughout my 20 plus years as a Voice and Confidence Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Musician I’ve had the honor to mentor contestants for hit shows like American Idol and NBC’s “The Voice”. I’ve shown company leaders and managers how to step into their authority and show up more fully with confidence. I’ve had the privilege to help housewives and mothers to be able to ask for help and set boundaries with her family and friends.

I’ve witnessed the transformative power of a blossoming voice and that’s why I’m doing this live event!

I want you to be powerful, radiant, and confident!

Here’s what to expect

In this passion-packed event

Part 1


Uncover the “stories” that have kept you in a lifelong trap of fear with your voice. Set the stage in your mind that you’re ready and willing to let go of the old tapes playing in your head, and whatever you’ve been told about your voice throughout your life, so that you can download the new and true information to use your voice consistently in both your personal and professional life.

Part 2

Practical Application

This is the day we break it all down so you can learn how to access your entire voice using essential tools and our proven method to unleash your full voice in any situation.

Part 3

Live Coaching

Find YOUR voice and build the confidence to get out of your comfort zone. Uncover and embrace your power instantly. Discover your value, acknowledge your impact, and find your true potential.