Discover the Harmony Within: Mount Shasta Retreat

3 Nights/4 Day Immersion into Song, Sound, and Silence at Sacred Sites

September 26 – 29, 2024 | McCloud River Inn Bed & Breakfast

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Song, Sound and Silence

Embark on a transformative journey with the “Song, Sound, and Silence” retreat in the awe-inspiring Mt. Shasta area. This three-day immersive retreat invites you to explore and unleash your inner creative voice through a harmonious blend of breathwork, song, sound therapy, meditation, and movement, all held at sacred sites known for their spiritual resonance.

Why Attend?

Whether you’re touching the depths of your vocal abilities for the first time or you’re an experienced singer, vocal performer, or practitioner, this retreat is designed to deepen your practice and connection to self. Set in a supportive and creative community, it’s the perfect setting for profound self-discovery and expression.

What’s Included?

Special Guests

Aiyisha Castillo
Aiyisha Castillo

Expert in Somatic Body Movement, combining psychology, holistic healing, and yoga to facilitate deep bodily connection and trauma release.

Somatic body movement with Aiyisha Castillo

Somatic Therapist

Specializing in the Healing Arts, Somatic therapy and Embodying Nature

It is Aiyisha’s passion to support humans in building a deeper relationship with their body. She’s spent the last two decades studying psychology, trauma, human development and holistic healing practices. She’s devoted her life’s work to educating and offering profound, life changing experiences with a focus on integration and wholeness. She’s been honored to witness pathways toward authentic expression unfold in her clients while releasing trauma that’s been stuck in their body sometimes for years. Her somatic therapy practice is imbued with her studies in child development, massage therapy, somatic psychology and yoga. It’s her deep love for humans and their wise bodies that guides her practice today.

Lauren Barker
Lauren Barker

Founder of Mystical Lightworker, Sound Therapist, and Spiritual Clairvoyant, guiding participants through transformative sound healing journeys.

Sound Healing Journey (bowls, gongs, chimes) with Lauren Barker

Mystical Lightworker

Lauren is the founder of Mystical Lightworker and a Spiritual Clairvoyant, Master Energy Practitioner and Intuitive Soul Therapist certified as a Sound Therapist, Reiki Master, Holy Fire Reiki, Aka Dua Energy Healing.

Lauren has always seen and heard messages from the Spirit realm from a young age. Lauren has always known from a young age she loved supporting others in whatever ways they needed.

She was going to school to become a naturopathic doctor when life took a turn and sent her on her spiritual awakening journey. As she moved through her healing Lauren noticed a need in our communities for those who were dealing with stress, trauma and emotional imbalances.

She first found Reiki and her life path took off from there into sitting with some of the highest healers working with Egyptian Alchemy, Shamanic plant medicine, Sound Alchemy, Alkaline lifestyle & herbalism, psychic mediumship training and so much more.

Sound Alchemy & her Alkaline lifestyle were the catalyst that helped her heal from pancreatitis and liberated her soul to awaken her gifts and abilities.

As you step into a healing journey with Lauren, she helps you to interpret and analyze these experiences so you may release blockages, awaken your own gifts, and clear recurring patterns grounding into your powerful light with grace.

Rachel Jeanty
Rachel Jeanty

Founder of EKUTE-listen

Sacred Water Blessing/Offering with Rachel Jeanty

Connecting, Restoring, Awakening, Nurturing, Empowering

Rachel Jeanty the founder of EKUTE-listen within is a spirit having a human experience ( the nurturer, the water bearer, the mother). We have been providing self-care products and services for your well-being and the nurturing of your spirit since October 2020. EKUTE created I AM CRANE
(Connecting, Restoring, Awakening, Nurturing, Empowering) Wellness which provides a restorative bath line Shasta Restorative bath, I AM CRANE self-care workshops and books, I AM CRANE water ceremonies.

Rachel began her earth journey in Hispaniola also known as Haiti, went to college in Puerto Rico, and obtained a degree in Marketing and a Master’s in TESOL. She taught languages and created the RAX collection, an eco-friendly jewelry line in Miami, Florida. She studied yoga and is a Reiki Master in the Usui method.

A profound experience that led her to create EKUTE, which is a French word for “the practice of listening”. This realization took Rachel and her son, Seth to Mount Shasta California where they live a simple yet fulfilled life. She recently created “Children of the Sun” a play group after school for children to experience heart-centered supplemental education. Her vision is to create a nurturing space for ages 5-10 where they learn self-awareness, discernment, and qualities of the heart.

Sloane Reali
Sloane Reali

Voice and Confidence Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Musician

Hi, I’m Sloane

Your host!

Have you ever felt close to finding your true voice, yet something holds you back? I’ve guided many individuals to break through barriers and step into empowerment and authentic self-expression.

I believe my purpose is to harness the voice to help you align with your true self, unveiling a powerful you waiting to emerge. With passion and understanding, I unlock the divine power within your vocal cords, shaping your reality. Imagine a life where your voice is celebrated, expressing yourself freely with joy and confidence.

With over 20 years of experience as a Voice and Confidence Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Musician, my journey has been diverse and rewarding. I’ve coached contestants on American Idol and NBC’s “The Voice,” empowered corporate leaders, and helped housewives and mothers set boundaries and voice their needs assertively.

At this retreat, I use decades of strategies to facilitate a deeper connection with your inner self, rediscovering and rejoicing in who you are through your voice.

Join me as we unveil a powerful, radiant you, ready to own your space in the world. I can’t wait to witness your transformation!

Day 1: Thursday
Welcome to McCloud

Begin your retreat experience with a relaxing check-in at the historic McCloud River Inn, followed by a leisurely stroll through the picturesque town of McCloud. In the evening, join us for a welcoming session that includes light refreshments and an orientation with Sloane and all facilitators to set the stage for your transformative journey.

Day 2: Friday
Exploration and Connection

Start the day with a leisurely breakfast, followed by a morning of somatic body movement with Aiyisha Castillo to connect with your physical self. Continue the journey with vocal exploration with Sloane. After lunch, embark on an excursion to the Sacramento Headwaters at Mount Shasta City Park for a sacred water blessing and offering with Rachel Jeanty. Conclude the day with dinner suggestions in Mt. Shasta, featuring a variety of local flavors.

Day 3: Saturday
Sound Healing and Nature

After breakfast, delve into a sound healing journey with Lauren Barker, designed to align and heal your energy. Continue your vocal practice with Sloane before enjoying another nourishing lunch. The afternoon features an excursions to the breathtaking McCloud Falls, offering a chance to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature. Evening is free for dinner on your own.

Day 4: Sunday
Reflection and Farewell

Enjoy your final breakfast at the inn, followed by a closing circle to reflect on your retreat experiences and share insights with fellow participants. Check-out and departures will conclude your stay, leaving you refreshed and inspired.

Exquisite Venue

McCloud River Inn Bed & Breakfast

This historic inn provides an ideal backdrop for our retreat, with its scenic landscapes and rich history. Participants can relax on the spacious deck, enjoy the historical ambiance of the Great Room, or explore the lush surroundings.

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