EVERYTHING you need to know about VOICE!  (NO Experience Necessary!)  The ULTIMATE Confidence Booster!



  • In this course you will learn how to warm up correctly, protect your voice, understand vocal range, how to traverse your vocal break, diction and vocal technique.
  • Explore case studies on vocal texture and tone, how to find your personal vocal style, rhythm, temp, “sitting in the beat.”
  • Audition prep – how to find and rehearse the BEST song for your voice. How to deal with performance anxiety, overcoming mistakes, and letting go of perfection.
  • Get comfortable using a microphone in safe and supportive environment on song determined at start of the course with help of instructor, staying inspired, self-expression, and setting vocal goals.
  • Celebrate the completion of the course with Special Guests.
  • The Initial Diagnostic Evaluation Session DOES NOT APPLY for this product.

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