Speak up confidently, and live your one beautiful, blissful life out loud

Connect your voice with your body through focused breathing techniques, grounding meditation, uplifting affirmations, and flat-out FUN!

But finding your authentic voice is not always easy…

After years of clinging to limiting beliefs, it’s not so easy to speak up the way you want to.

Something keeps holding you back. Maybe you…

  • Are a “people pleaser” who’s worried about what others think about you or your leadership, so you hold back from truly expressing yourself
  • Compare yourself to others (and feel like you’re subpar) so your self-esteem slowly slides downward
  • Have been told, “Speak up, I can’t hear you” and felt embarrassed because you KNOW you have valuable contributions to make…you just can’t get them out
  • Are tired of not feeling heard or seen or understood at work, in relationships, or social situations and want that to CHANGE
  • Stopped talking, sharing, or contributing to conversations because you don’t think people will listen; maybe you even lost out on promotions or relationships as a result
  • Feel like words literally “get stuck” in your throat and desperately want to express yourself but feel too flooded with fear to try

If these issues sound like they’re outside the realm of what a traditional voice coach would cover, you’re 100% right!

Hi, I’m Sloane Reali

A Holistic Voice & Confidence Practitioner!

I’ve helped thousands of women just like you find more than just their vocal talents. They found their healing breath, their confidence, and their joy for life.

When you work with me, we take a unique and holistic approach to finding and accessing your voice.

See, I’m not your ordinary vocal coach.

What we do goes way beyond that. And it’s not just about learning and embracing how to speak or present more confidently. I developed my unique approach because of my experience growing up…

Like a lot of kids, I understood that I should do what I was told and not ask questions. If I spoke up, there was a good chance there would be not-so-fun consequences. So I went along with the messages I heard all throughout my childhood.

Because even though we’ve grown into adults, those deep-rooted messages can stay with us, affecting our interactions with people, our success at work, and our communication in general.

And we’re about to change all that!

Getting Started is Easy

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Live With Confidence

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Vocal Coach Sloane Reali on Finding Your Voice and Building Your Confidence

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Mantra Meditation

26 Ways to Access Your Voice Instantly

Connect your mental brain to your physical body immediately using these A to Z  “I Am” Mantra Meditations and Breathwork so you can:

  • Access and discern your own voice from what you hear externally
  • Separate yourself from family stories, comparison, and influence from the media
  • Stop holding yourself back because you can’t speak your truth
  • Avoid the number one reason why most people struggle to be heard
  • Stop the negative self talk and doubt
  • Feel more calm, connected and self assured