Client Stories

Everyone Has A Voice.  I support my clients in finding theirs.

What Sloane’s Clients Are Saying…

Whether they are seeking confidence or community, my clients walk away transformed

"How can I possibly thank you enough for the AMAZING help that you gave Emily. She knocked it out of the park on Saturday. Her delivery was spot on and anyone I see that was there is so complimentary. Her content was great and would have been regardless but you really helped her with her voice and her delivery and her confidence! THANK YOU!!! Watching her give that speech was my most proud moment as her Mom to date!"

-xo, Christy

"Thank YOU Sloane. You were really the greatest Vocal Coach and helped Bella with the Teen Star Competition So Much! She learned a lot and it was such a good experience for her.”

-Kelly Griffin

"Sloane has great techniques for crafting and presenting you and your business—after my first one hour class, I had a much clearer message and was much more confident speaking in public."

-Wayne Marshall

"Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!! You made me feel comfortable and competent. You change lives!"


"My daughter has shown incredible confidence and strength in her singing…I was amazed at how quickly you helped her achieve perfect pitch and how to sing with diaphragmatic support."

-Scott Alexander, bassist for Dishwalla

"My vocal range has increased in a way I didn’t expect — in just a few sessions I gained the skills that helped me win this competition and live my dream!"

-Gabe Carbajal, Santa Barbara Idol Winner

"My daughter is still talking about the Student Showcase. It was a real confidence builder for her. She was accepted into the Acapella chorus at SBHS and is thrilled."

-D. Burgner

"You are such a motivating force!!! Thank you for working with the kids’ band—they’re eager to perform and hopeful they will play at their 6th grade graduation."

-Vanessa Neale, Parent

"You ROCK! I loved working with you!"

-Rachel Thurston, Lead Singer King Bee

"You did a great job with Brandi Rose Lentini—her performance was nothing short of stunning."

-Joe Lambert, Producer Teen Star Singing Competition

"When I first started with Sloane, I never thought I would make it this far – I just didn't have the confidence. It was money and time well-spent."


"She is amazing at what she does. I love her vocal video she made. My daughter had so much fun with that video."

-Yolanda Rosenthal