• There are a lot of reasons why your voice might suddenly sound breathy, raspy, or strained. But there are also things you can do to reverse it or even prevent it in the first place. You know what your voice normally sounds like. So when you're suddenly struggling with hoarseness, it can be a little jarring. After all, that raspy, strained voice that's coming out doesn't quite sound like you. While odds are high that you've [...]

  • Our voice is the major way in which to express ourselves, manifest energy into form and as a healing tool for those of us that feel we were silenced, our words devalued, or just not heard by those we feel most connected to. In this episode, we get to know a little about Sloane Reali, another amazing woman from the Women of Spirit Volume II publication released on March 23rd. Sloane is a professional Vocal Coach, [...]

  • Women of Spirit, Transforming Lives is the second volume in this Matrika Press series. This book is a compilation of women sojourners, sages, mystics, witches, shamans, medicine women, philosophers, life coaches, ministers, storytellers, yogis, historians, and more. Their journeys. Their stories. Their teachings and practices. Poetry, Art, Rituals, and Prayers. This anthology is full of useful tools and powerful messages for everyone who is on a spiritual journey. For more information on this anthology and our [...]

  • In this episode, Jack talks with Voice and Confidence Coach Sloane Reali about how she is helping professionals across industries find confidence through the power of voice. Confidence breeds success, and success breeds confidence. When it comes to professional leadership, being a confident and powerful communicator is key. And that starts with your voice. Whether it’s on Zoom, during live presentations, or during management meetings, professionals in any field who can speak with confidence and control [...]

  • For women in the 21st century, it can be hard to find a strong feminine role model. Although you may have strong mothers, grandmothers, and sisters, in this stage of evolution you may be working on goals that are often misunderstood by your living ancestors. This is where your chosen female heroine or archetype comes in. An archetype isn’t defined by any specific characteristics. An archetype can be anyone who has a trait or traits that [...]

  • The fifth chakra, Vishuddha, is the first of the three spiritual chakras. In the area of the throat, it governs the anatomical regions of the thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue, and larynx. To be open and aligned in the fifth chakra is to speak, listen, and express yourself from a higher form of communication. Faith and understanding combine the essence of the Vishuddha chakra meaning. The element corresponding to the fifth chakra is ether or [...]

  • Humans typically take about 25,000 breaths per day — often without a second thought. But the COVID-19 pandemic has put a new spotlight on respiratory illnesses and the breaths we so often take for granted. Journalist James Nestor became interested in the respiratory system years ago after his doctor recommended he take a breathing class to help his recurring pneumonia and bronchitis. While researching the science and culture of breathing for his new book, Breath: The New Science of [...]

  • Use this the next time you need to think clearly in a high-pressure situation. When’s the last time you paid attention to your breath? Most of us take it for granted and don’t stop to think how deeply we inhale or exhale. But most of us also survive on shallow breaths that have us living on edge constantly. “We are a nation of shallow breathers,” says Lynne Everatt, coauthor of The 5-Minute Recharge: 31 Proven Strategies [...]

  • N.Y. / REGION School Finds Music Is the Food of Learning At Voice Charter School in Queens, Students Have Outperformed Their Peers Academically By ELIZABETH A. HARRIS DEC. 19, 2014 The principal, unsmiling in his jacket and tie, launched himself into the air, jumping up and down at the back of the gymnasium, waving frantically at more than 100 first graders as they rehearsed for their holiday concert. Franklin Headley, the principal, was bouncing around to prepare [...]

  • 38th Annual Summer experience for children with asthma. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with Camp Participants at the 38th annual summer experience for children with asthma. Founded by Dr. Myron Leibhaber, a pediatric allergist and immunologist at Sansum Clinic for over 30 years. I haven't met the man personally yet he sounds like a fun guy with huge love and concern for kids who live with asthma. I was thrilled when I received [...]

Sloane Reali has a Master’s degree in Education, a California teaching credential and is certified to teach the Six Point Vocal WAV ™ Method. She is a Vocal Coach offering a variety of services.