Discover The Power of Your Voice NOW!

Are you ready to awaken and discover your unique voice? What If you could find your individual sound with a few simple tools? How would it feel just to be a little more comfortable using your voice? I believe we ALL have unique gifts and talents along with creative contributions to share with others.

That’s why I’m gifting the Video Series, “Discover Your Voice” available NOW! These are super short, easily digestible “How To” videos to find and connect with YOUR voice. You get the first of (8) Modules, which includes 8 Videos, total listening time is 25 minutes total. Watch all at once or spread them out over a couple weeks. Whatever you’re learning style, this is an EXCELLENT place to start in overcoming any challenges you’ve had with your voice.

If you’re someone who’s always loved singing (in the shower, car, etc.) and feeling like you want a place to play… this is a great place to do that. Whether you’re an emerging artist, a hobby singer, a public speaker, coach, teacher, author, business owner or doctor. I’ve been helping all of the above for over two decades as an Expert Voice and Confidence Coach. Whether you’re feeling stuck with your voice, and you desire to unlock it, or you’ve been trying to do it on your own and simply can’t reach the next level, this is the PERFECT place to begin.

Module 1 Includes

Setting the Foundation

  • How to Access One Voice, Three Vocal Vicinities
  • How to Access Your Breath for Singing
  • How To Access Vibrato for Singing (4 Part Method)
  • How to Use Projection and Placement
  • How to Find Tone & Pitch for Your Voice

Full Course Includes

The 5 Vocal Elements

  • 5 Vocal Elements: Fire
  • 5 Vocal Elements: Water
  • 5 Vocal Elements: Metal

The 7 Chakras

  • Root Chakra Exercises
  • Sacral Chakra Exercises
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Exercises
  • Heart Chakra Exercises
  • Throat Chakra Exercises
  • Third Eye Chakra Exercises
  • Crown Chakra Exercises

Vocal Performance

  • Evaluation Session
  • Private Session
  • Group Session

The Fringe Benefits of Singing

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit

How To Find The Right Vocal Coach For You

  • How To Find The Right Vocal Coach For You
  • How To Find The Right Vocal Program For You

Vocal Health Care

  • Vocal Health Care

Star Quality

  • Tips On Doing Well In Show Business
  • Tips & Tricks For Finding Your Voice
  • Tips & Tricks For Overcoming Fear
  • Star Quality Quiz
  • Accepting Imperfections
  • Reading Body Language
  • 5 Keys To A Power Voice
  • On Enjoying Life

One-time payment. This does not renew automatically.

Module 1 for FREE

  • Instantly unlock and move stuck energy with your voice in order to learn how to play and have fun again. You’ll begin to feel lighter instead of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • Identify what’s true for your voice, as I guide you through old tapes, thoughts and perceptions about your voice that simply aren’t true, so you can stop caring as much about what other people might think.
  • Literally jumpstart your creative flow again. It’s a commitment, but if you do these simple exercises, as suggested, you will see, feel and hear amazing results!
  • Results from doing these vocal exercises will naturally draw others to you for guidance instead of you having to chase your people down and exhaust yourself trying to force solutions.