Santa Barbara Private Training Vocal Coach

Individual lessons are available to those who crave privacy or want to accelerate their learning. Private lessons are for students of all levels and ages.

Students learn the 6 Point Vocal Wav Method™ to help them relax, breathe, perfect their pitch, increase their vocal range, and control their voice.

Each lesson is 30 minutes. New students must also enroll in a 1-hour diagnostic evaluation.

Vocal Performance: Private Session, Episode 22

Today I want to share about what happens in a private session. Once you complete an initial evaluation, the 1-one hour to find what you already have in place with your voice you can then schedule private sessions which are 30 minutes long and available as 6 – 12 week packages. It’s very much like being in the vocal gym each week. You’re exercising very specific muscles in the body. It’s about consistency, a two-part formula for success. One is to show up for your half-hour session each week where we create a new vocal workout and two, is to complete that vocal workout at least four times before I see you the following week. What we do in these sessions is we’re reviewing what we covered in the previous session before. I then assign you a new lesson using training songs from which my clients have experienced amazing results. Once your brain and body are having some sort of integration and there’s not a lot of battle going on or confusion, I then invite you to bring in your favorite songs or a speech you might need to prepare or research that you may need to present.

To schedule your session or to learn more, please contact me today!

Sloane Reali has a Master’s degree in Education, a California teaching credential and is certified to teach the Six Point Vocal WAV ™ Method. She is a Vocal Coach offering a variety of services.