4-Session Package


4 WEEKS – Private Study 1:1 – available via Zoom

Please Note: The Initial Diagnostic Evaluation session is a prerequisite for all lessons. Click here for more information and to purchase.

I’ll teach you the basics of mastering your three vocal vicinities: Low, Mid/Chest, and Head/Falsetto Voice including the “Vocal Break”

This Course includes:

  • Intro to low, mid and head voices
  • Eliminating pitch problems
  • Singing vibrato
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • You don’t have to read music
  • Building Confidence

The Initial Diagnostic Evaluation Session is a prerequisite for all lessons. Click here for more information.

Please bring the following items to your session:

  • A flash drive, blank CD or phone with VM to record your custom vocal workout.
  • Drinking water for hydration

Your lesson time is reserved for you and others will be turned away for that time so please schedule carefully. 48 Hour Cancellation Policy – If you fail to give 48 hr-notice, you will be charged the same price as your lesson. Time is very limited, and early notice is needed to replace your slot. There are no refunds.

We are now offering “make-up” sessions once a week should you need to reschedule your session. Make-ups must be completed within the same month of the missed session. Missed lessons will no longer be carried forward.

Thank you for your consideration.


  • Broadband high speed internet connection – DSL speeds can also work.
  • Webcam and microphone. Most PC’s and Macs work well with their internal webcam and mic.
  • Software: Zoom (http://www.zoom.us) or Facetime on Macs.

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