Sloane Reali

Who is Sloane Reali? Episode 1

Hello, and thanks for tuning in today. I’m Sloane from Vocal Coaching by Sloane. This is going to be the first of a series of informational and complimentary voice lessons that I’m going to be offering to you. Today, I thought I’d let you know a little bit about myself and my background. Singing came for me actually as a little bit of a surprise. I have a background in education and a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a Master’s in education. I was certified to teach the method that I teach today, but it started quite by accident. I was taking piano and voice lessons as well as guitar and song-writing when I learned the method that I actually teach today: “The 6 point Vocal Wave Method.” tm

I work with all levels of students, from beginning, intermediate, to advanced. I work with ages four to eighty four at this point and all genres of styles and music. People don’t always come to me to learn how to sing. There are other reasons people come to me that I will talk to you about in the next video blog.

Thanks for tuning in and if you want more information or to schedule a session, please go to That’s on your screen as well. Thanks again for tuning in, I’ll see you next time.

Music is more than a passion.  It’s my medicine.

If you have a heartbeat, you have a voice. My job is to help you discover the unique rhythm that informs your unique voice. Together, we’ll work to remove the obstacles of fear and anxiety when expressing yourself so that you can experience more confidence and joy.

I’ve personally experienced the healing benefits of music. Music healed my heart. It also healed my body. It’s why I share the gift of music, rhythm, and voice with my clients every day.

Sloane Reali

Vocalist, Educator, Inspirational Speaker

A Professional Vocal Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Musician, Sloane Reali holds a Masters Degree in Education from UCSB and a California Teaching Credential.

Sloane specializes in teaching beginning and intermediate level singers, some who’ve placed top in local competitions such as Teen Star and Rising Star and auditions for American Idol and NBC’s “The Voice!”

More recently, Sloane was the on-set Voice Coach for local organizations at TV Santa Barbara for Public Service Announcement Day and featured in the Long Beach Post’s column “Ask Olga” with founder, Olga Mizrahi of “Chunk of Change.”

Let your voice out.

Whether you aspire to rock the stage or deliver an important keynote address—
I’m here to help you build your confidence and master your voice so you can inspire your audience.