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There’s a saying from Zimbabwe: “If you can walk, you can dance, If you talk, you can sing!” Are you one of those people who sing in the shower, your closet, or the car? Would you like to take it to the next level but at some point in your life had a well meaning teacher, parent or friend suggest that you lipsinc instead because you couldn’t carry a tune? Singing is just a matter of training. In addition, there are multitudes of benefits for the physical body, the mind and the spirit that one can achieve through singing.

Your Body

Singing is one of the best forms of illness prevention. Singing or focused
speaking slows respiratory patterns, resulting in deeper, more regulated
breathing. As breathing rate slows gas exchange becomes more efficient
helping to increase oxygen levels in the blood. This exchange contributes to increased control over breathing as well as increased lung capacity. This focus on breathing naturally leads to improved posture, has been linked to lower heart rates, decreased blood pressure and strengthening the immune system.

Your Mind

Studies show that singing alters brain wave patterns helping people feel
more alert, improving mood, and reducing stress.

Your Spirit

Singing is food for the soul. When we use our voice whether for speaking,
singing, or presenting in a focused and sustained way the voice actually
grounds us in our bodies. Singing releases endorphins – the body’s pleasure hormone into the brain and body. The activity of singing also builds confidence and self-esteem, which increase one’s capacity for self expression, and this can lead to a whole lot of FUN! FINDING THE RIGHT VOCAL PROGRAM FOR YOU – Your Personal Goals
If your goal is to learn how to speak or sing with more confidence there will automatically be additional benefits that follow. Research shows women are significantly more likely to experience benefits for well being and relaxation, while younger people were more likely to report social benefits.

– Qualified Vocal Coach 

There are many different styles and methods for teaching voice. Ask
potential voice teachers about the method they use. You want to study with someone who is using an “effective method that gets results.” They’re many amazing performers who have had wonderful careers in vocal performance but may not be the most effective teachers.

-Positive Atmosphere 

Look for a vocal coach or teacher that you feel comfortable with. Working
with one’s voice can make people feel vulnerable. You want to work with
someone who creates a safe environment physically as well as

– Challenging Workouts

The vocal exercises should be at a level that is appropriate for the student yet also challenging the student to grow from one week to the next. The early stages of training the voice are very physical and mechanical. If using an effective technique to train the body the mind with naturally integrate taking the student to a new level of flexibility, strength, and endurance.

– FUN!

Vocal studies are offered privately – one student to one coach. They’re also offered in groups of classes as workshops, using musicians and not. See what’s available and choose the program that you enjoy. The more fun you have the greater chance you will be more consistent and get the best results.

Key To A Fun And Fulfilling Workout

  1. Look for a vocal trainer you feel comfortable with.
  2. Ask the coach about the technique or method that they use. You’re
    looking for an “effective method that gets results”
  3. To receive optimal health benefits you must sing correctly which
    starts with practicing breathing from the lowest point in the abdomen
    which leads to singing that’s properly supported by the lower body
    rather than from the throat.
  4. HAVE FUN! Singing is one of our most direct ways to access our deepest spiritual selves. All cultures of the world speak of the spiritual significance of song and its deep health giving benefits. By integrating singing into our daily lives we help to strengthen our bodies, minds, spirits and overall well being. If you’ve ever been told or think you cannot sing – do not be discouraged!

Remember, everyone can sing. It’s just a matter of exercise and training a new set of muscles like any other muscles in the body.

Sloane Reali has a Master’s degree in Education, a California teaching credential and is certified to teach the Six Point Vocal WAV ™ Method. She is a Vocal Coach offering a variety of services and can be reached at 805/