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The Struggle with Analysis Paralysis

Have you ever found yourself trapped in analysis paralysis? Well, fret not! In this episode, we’ll delve into the concept of embracing imperfection and learn how it can help you overcome this common struggle. Our host shares her personal experiences and offers practical tips for detaching from outcomes, especially in the midst of today’s chaotic world.

Unveiling the Vocal Challenges

Did you know that your voice is not just about the movements of your lips and jaw? It extends far deeper, all the way down to the core of your being. Our expert host unravels the biggest challenges she encounters with people’s voices and how they relate to the mental and physical aspects of our bodies. Prepare to be enlightened as we explore the vital connection between your voice and your inner self.

Unlocking the Power of Breath

Breathing—something we often take for granted. But did you know that proper breathing techniques can significantly impact your vocal confidence? Our host shares her expertise on the mechanics of breath and reveals a powerful exercise known as DGA Breathing. You’ll discover how drawing air into your solar plexus and harnessing the full potential of your breath can elevate your voice and bring forth immediate results.

Embracing Imperfection and Acceptance

We all strive for perfection, but what if imperfection is the key to true growth and self-acceptance? Our host explores this thought-provoking notion and encourages us to embrace our perfectly imperfect selves. By accepting where we are in our personal and professional lives, we open the door to self-discovery and unlock a more fulfilling journey.

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Remember, your voice matters, and embracing imperfection can be the catalyst for unlocking your true vocal potential. Tune in to this episode and discover how your voice can become an incredible tool for self-expression, connection, and personal growth. Happy listening!

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Embracing imperfection because do we have anybody out there who struggles with analysis paralysis?

I'm, I do a lot better now than I used to, but as you all know, I've had some, some projects, some big things coming up. But we're gonna talk about how to detach from outcomes, how to be okay with whatever is going down really hard to do, especially in this time on this planet.

In this day and age, there's so much. I, I do not watch the news anymore. It just, it's too it's too much. It overstimulates and makes me anxious. Before we dive in today though, friend, this is what we're gonna be covering today talking about [00:01:00] imperfection. We are going to talk about the biggest challenges and mistakes, things that really the challenges that I'm running into, over and over with people's voices and it, it has more to do.

It's mental and physical. It's not just people think that the voice is something that's happening here with your lips and your jaw and, and don't take into consideration the voice. All of this business here, friends, is connected way lower in the body, like all the way down to the planet, your feet on the planet.

So we're gonna talk about that. And then we are gonna wrap things up with a couple of more mantra affirmations.

Which speaking of again, and, and actually. I have a free gift. It's out right now. I started delivering that a couple of weeks ago, and this is not just for women. It's called 26 Ways to Access Your Voice. [00:02:00] Instantly. It works for anybody. It's a very quick it just, the meditation affirmation piece A to Z is about, I wanna say it's about six minutes long, but it's an excellent piece just.

For starting your day. If you don't have anything else, if you don't use any of the apps that are available, I do a lot with Deepak Chopra. There's the insight timer. There's a lot of of things out there, but if you have nothing and you don't know where to begin, 26 ways to access your voice instantly is a breathing relaxation.

Affirmations A to Z I actually did it. On one of these lives a couple months back where we literally are, are inhaling into your body, into your solar plexus. The words I am. And then you're releasing and exhaling on the exhale. We went all the way through the alphabet from A to Z and I, I put along with that [00:03:00] gift are some a PDF file that lists all of the affirmations that I used that day, but you can plug in your own.

I think we exhaled out that day. I am was the inhale into the solar plexus and then we exhaled. Awesome. The next one we inhaled. I am, and then we released an exhaled, you know, beautiful, brave bodacious, whatever you wanna fill in the blank there. I gave you some things to start with, but that is, you don't have to stick with what I gave you.

So, let's go back for a minute. The biggest challenges that I see, Specific in the body or mistakes, as I mentioned, is that people think the voice is something that is just going on here when in fact the anything that we're doing before you even open your mouth to speak, [00:04:00] to share if you're a singer.

Before you jump into your material is really being mindful about where are you drawing that air and energy from? And it begins the mechanics of it in your body. Begin with the solar plexus. What I see just about everybody who comes into my office or the, or the studio is people wanna take their breath, their inhale.

Up into the shoulders creating all this additional tension and stress in the neck, in the back, in between your Scapula and your shoulders. So now, not only are are have you created more tension now you're going to be using your voice presenting, leading your meeting, singing your song, performing your poetry from a place of tension, and that it, the, it's just, it's a snowball of a train wreck.

It is really, really important. That all of this stays relaxed and [00:05:00] that you are mindful of drawing that air and energy all the way down into the body. I've mentioned on previous broadcasts that I love, and there are a million different exercises for breathing. And I, I use a lot of different things depending on who's coming in to see me and what their purpose is for being there.

But I particularly like, and you can look this up on YouTube, I learned this from Deepak himself. It's called DGA Breathing, D I R g. AK breathing and it's a three part breath where you're, and, and, and it's, I've heard other variations of it, but it really is drawing that breath all the way down first into your solar plexus muscle where you're drawing that breath, you're pulling that air down, moving that belly.

It's kinda like an accordion forward. The next thing you're filling up. Are your ribcage, and the very last place you're going is to the lung and heart area. [00:06:00] The exhale is the exact opposite of that. You are dropping down, you're collapsing. Lung contracting, ribs contracting solar plexus. So if we breathe again, breathing in, forward, expanding, and out, and then we do the opposite of that contract collapse.

Contract on the Axio. Anyway, I'm going to be covering a lot on that. Some other things that I see a lot of challenges besides the breathing thing. That is probably the number one issue that I see with, with most clients. But the other one connected to. But also a case in itself is people speaking or putting out energy from your throat.

So I can't even demonstrate these things anymore because it is so programmed in my body. I'm so trained after 20 years of doing this work. But it will, it will tend [00:07:00] to, if I were speaking from my throat, Right now I'm trying to demonstrate the difference between this and my throat. I'm trying not to be connected.

In fact, I'm contracting my solar plexus right now while I speak from my throat versus . Can you hear the difference from here to here? Do you hear what happened here versus here? Different parts of my body and what tends to happen, and you'll know if this is happening.

Some indicators if you are speaking, one, if you're disconnected from your solar plexus, from your support. Two, if you are speaking, singing, producing, sound from your throat, you will know because your throat will start to get sore. Taking a sip here. If you struggle with hoarseness, if you lose your voice frequently, these are all indicators that you are probably not connected to the solar plexus.

And these are all [00:08:00] things I'm going to be covering in my workshop next week for all of you ladies. So. One of the things that we'll do and, and how I help people with their voice in these areas is the physiology of the body we go through essentially my life's work. The mechanics, you've got one voice, three vocal vicinities. Four point technique that I've been using effectively gets immediate results.

Immediate results. I wanna be talking about the elements in your voice, the five elements, earth, air, fire, water, metal, how to use those effectively in conversations and compassionate communication. I recently I. Have, well, there's so, there's so much going on in the planet. There's so many things to cause us to be anxious or uptight or disconnected from our, our center.

And I found myself getting worked up and, and disconnecting and, and hyperventilating and being upset and attached to certain outcomes. And when I was able to [00:09:00] grab that breath, Slow down center. Remind myself, you know, what's really going on. What might be my imagination? Detaching from outcomes and just being in acceptance.

Total different. Different space and like, and almost immediate. There's so much to be said for acceptance. We're gonna come back to that in just a minute.

Embracing imperfection. Here are some thoughts, some things to, to chew on and I would type and write, but I don't want to mess up what I've got going on already. Some things to think about are that we are already perfectly imperfect and in one of the meditations I was doing recently, you know, if we, if we strive, and I can't remember who quoted this, but if we strive to be perfect, we are never going to get there.

It's just never going to happen. So again, coming back to accepting exactly where we're at [00:10:00] and being good with that process is just such an easier way to live on the planet. I mentioned in the notes the show knows that we are both being and becoming. At the same time, you know it, this, this whole thing is, is a journey.

There is, at least my perspective, I consider myself a lifelong learner. If you consider yourself the same, then you're in, in great company. Coming back to acceptance, you know, we're, and we're gonna breathe this in in a minute, but you know, it's about accepting who we are. Where we're at, where we are, exactly where we're at, and what is our next step if we even need to have a next step.

Because if we are truly in acceptance with where we are, you know, our personal life, our professional life our voice, the, the sound, the tonal quality, how we use our voice, if we're truly in acceptance, there really might not be a next step. [00:11:00] So something to think about there. And I already mentioned that perfection in the show notes is a perception.

So I wanna do a quick breath work with you before we sign off because we are keeping these right in the time limit. Left hand on your heart, right hand on that solar plexus muscle that sits below your ribcage, above your belly button. And what we're going to inhale is that I am be being, and we're gonna exhale.

And becoming so nice. Big breath. All the way in breath. And then to yourself or, or quietly, wherever you're at, I am being. And then we're going to exhale the words and

let's do the other one. Breathing in perception is breath in. Perfection, [00:12:00] breathing and perfection is, and then we're going to exhale a perception.

So you have two new affirmations where you're going to breathe in, inhaling all the way down past the lungs into the solar plexus. Perfection is, and then exhaling. A perception. Second one, breathing in. I am being exhaling and becoming, and You know, so much of our perception sometimes it's just that it's our perception, which is not necessarily real.

So whether real or perceived, I think there's a lot to be said when we incorporate that breath. We get centered, [00:13:00] we're able to detach from what's going on. Taking a step back, kind of like, you know, Stepping out of the room and taking a look from the, from the outside really helps to put things back into perspective.

So, 26 ways to Access Your Voice instantly is for. All of you, anybody who's watching you do not have to be part of the Anxious to Awesome workshop next week.

That is a separate event that is just for ladies only. So if you can get over there, register, get your P D F downloaded, and let's have a good time. And in the meantime too, On any of the social platforms here in the replay. Let me know your questions. If there are specific things you, I'm, I'm probably already going to cover it next week, so I'm very excited.

I'm thorough and I've worked really hard to pull it all together for you.


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