Unleash Your Inner Rock Star: Conquer the Stage with Unconventional Vocal Techniques


Riding the High Notes: Unleashing Your Stage Persona

Nothing compares to the exhilarating thrill of standing on a stage, the bright lights blazing, your heart pounding in sync with the expectant hush of the audience. But what if I told you there’s an even higher pinnacle to climb?

By adopting some unconventional vocal techniques, you can take your performance to a whole new level. You can amplify your presence, make those high notes soar, and connect with your audience in a way that leaves them begging for an encore.

Breathing Life into Your Vocals

Let’s start with the basics. Breathing. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But learning to breathe correctly can transform your singing. It’s about drawing in power from your very core and channeling it into a voice that resonates with strength and passion.

Tuning into Resonance

Next up is mastering your resonance. This is the magic that happens when you find where the vibration moves in your body. It’s about grounding yourself in the music, truly feeling the notes, and letting them stir up the emotions within you.

Take the national anthem, for instance. When you’re performing it a cappella, you can’t rely on any instrumentation. You have to find your own rhythm, locate that first note in your body, and just let it flow.

Vocal Fry: The Spice in Your Melody

Ever tried adding a little vocal fry to your singing? Done sparingly and correctly, it can lend an extra dimension to your voice. But be careful! Like a potent spice, a little goes a long way.

Stage Presence: More Than Just Looks

Lastly, let’s talk about stage presence. It’s not just about your costumes, makeup, or the way you move. It’s about creating a persona that encapsulates your music and connects with your audience. It’s about becoming the rock star you were always meant to be.

Reading Between the Lines: A Deeper Look at Unconventional Vocal Techniques

There’s something incredibly liberating about daring to be different, about stepping out of the ‘conventional’ mold and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with your voice. When you embrace these techniques, you’re not just learning to sing better. You’re learning to express yourself in a way that’s uniquely you.

So why settle for just being ‘good enough’? Why not aim for unforgettable? Whether you’re hitting the high notes or belting out a ballad, remember: it’s not just about the song. It’s about the soul you pour into it.

Take the Stage: Unleash Your Potential

To wrap up, embracing unconventional vocal techniques can do more than just improve your singing. It can unlock a whole new world of self-expression, confidence, and connection with your audience. So why wait? Why wonder what could be when you can discover it for yourself?

As they say, the stage is a world of its own. And it’s time for you to take your place in the spotlight. Ready to rock?


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Episode #15 - Unconventional Vocal Coaching Methods for Singing Rebels



Alrighty, welcome back. Today is something a little bit different. I'm very excited. Today's topic, Rock your voice, unconventional vocal coaching methods for singing rebels or disruptors is a big word right now. We're disrupting everything, whatever used to work. It's not working anymore, so we can either throw in the towel and call it a day, or we can figure out another way to make it work, right?

Finding where's the gap that we can fill in. Very excited. I am going to share some things today I would not ordinarily share. I'm going to make some [00:01:00] suggestions about things that I actually discourage. with the voice and we'll, we'll get to that in a second. Before we jump in, my quote of the day.

I'm loving the quotables. Today's quote, this is from Mary Tyler Moore. Now, if you're a young and you might not know who she was, but she was, was very famous and comedian and did some movies at a really long, long standing. I think she might. Anyway, here's her quote. She says, take chances. Make mistakes.

That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. I'm going to say that again. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. So I was, even this morning, on a meeting with the E Women Network clan. Any of you ladies that are listening, shout out. Woo hoo! [00:02:00] Sandra Yancey, our founder, CEO.

One million women earning revenues of one million dollars and lifting up and collaborating and giving before we take and phenomenal. I'm on a call with this woman and the group is growing exponentially, literally since March from, you know, 30 women. I think the last I saw was, you know, 75, 80 women now but this morning it was, it was all about this.

We can't have the growth. And the success without the failures you know, the Michael Jordan, you know, how many times he has lost and how many games he was supposed to make the winning score and they still lost, you know, those numbers are very real. I think the more comfortable we can get with being uncomfortable, the easier and maybe even fun, the more fun that this can all be but [00:03:00] the conversation ended this morning with, you know.

Success and failure literally are two sides of the same coin. We cannot have one without the other, right? We cannot know happiness without sadness, right? How can we truly be happy unless we've suffered in some way? But enough of that. Let's get back to being rebels. All right. So, friends, first of all, I hope that you're ready to unleash the power of your voice, right?

We're going to make your voice sore like never before. And like I said, I'm going to give you some unconventional.

I'm going to dive into some methods, some things that might blow your mind and take your singing skills. Today's episode is really for singers, although works perfectly well for speakers as well. The same, same information, just using your voice in a different way and taking it to a whole new level. So whether you are an entrepreneur, a performer, or just someone who loves to [00:04:00] belt it in your car or your shower.

These tips and tricks are going to help you harness the full potential of your vocal cord muscles and leave your audience, leave your listener in awe. So number one is to embrace. Your inner rock star. We all have an inner rock star, an inner diva, that person, that you know, that other, I don't want to say other personality, but you know, it's, it's the, For me, her name was Stella and she's not invited to come out anymore because she was obnoxious, but she's that girl That you know, and I've you know had maybe one too many of anything That just she's really fun And she's goofy and she makes people laugh, but she doesn't have a, an off switch.

So we're not talking that kind of a rock star, but [00:05:00] we are talking, you know, singing with confidence and attitude. You know, channeling. You know, maybe a little bit of a rebellious side, but not like Stella side. Okay. Anyway, to, to stand taller you know, shoulders back, like you own the stage. I spoke to this last podcast and remembering that you're not just singing a song, right?

If you're a singer here today, it is also about the storytelling, right? Lots out there on storytelling right now, you know, really Your audience, your listener, they want to be captivated. They, they want to have an experience, right? So much of what I do nowadays, that's really what it's about, is, is all experience.

You know, even in, you know, when it comes to You know, with their family, you know, special occasions, you know, holidays, birthdays. I'm, I'm a minimalist [00:06:00] at heart, shout out to the minimalists guys can't remember their names right now, but you know, less is more simple is better. in, in my world. I, I'm trying to really simplify things as I'm, as I'm getting older, you know, life can get so complicated and things are moving so fast.

And what it's come down to now is when I am giving a gift of any kind, instead of things or stuff, I am really trying to give more So, you know, whether it's, you know, something as simple as, you know, movie passes or a gift certificate for dinner. I surprised my husband last year bought his, his birthday present.

His birthday is in January and I bought his birthday present were concert tickets to Alice Cooper tickets. And, oh my gosh, I had to buy them in the summer. I had to keep it secret for six months.

But when he got those tickets, him and his brother are huge fans. You know, he received him at his birthday, [00:07:00] and then he had to wait another six months to go to the concert. So it was like a year long ordeal. It took me a little bit of planning but they loved it. It was the best gift ever, and his brother benefited as well.

So, experiences. Coming back to you as a presenter, as a singer as a leader in your company is, you know, and maybe, maybe this is part of the issue with our culture is we're addicted to experiences, right? We, we want to, we want to feel it. We want to hear it. We want to get it in our bones. That's why people love live performances, live concerts, live you know, poetry readings, you know, and anything live.

We've actually become part of the show as an audience member. So keep this in mind when you are entertaining, right? And for some of us, this just comes naturally. My personality type is wired that way. This is my, this is [00:08:00] what I do. You know, if you're, I'm learning about human design and our gene keys, the 64 gene keys.

What a trip. I'm going to save that for some later podcasts, but wow, the more you understand yourself. As a human being on this crazy planet. Oh, people like it's so much easier. Like if you're, if you're writing, if you're a songwriter, when you understand yourself and who you are and you start writing from that place, just being you.

Right. Yes. Catering to your audience and your fans, but coming from that place of you, man, doors start to fly open and your people they're like, you're like a magnet. They start coming at you like that. Remember that lead machine. It was like a funny face. Oh my gosh. Some of podcasts, if you are younger and you've never, you don't have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll put [00:09:00] notes in the, in the, in the link and you can go, go.

Check these things out. But there was this silly little toy. It was it was a cardboard base that had a face or sometimes it was just blank. And it was it was covered in plastic. And it's between the cardboard and the plastic were magnet. It was like lead shavings. And you had this magnetic stick. pen on the end and you could put, you know, a mustache and eyebrows on the face.

So those, I know I can, I can feel all the nods right now. The listeners are going, Oh yeah, I remember that. I used to love those. And some people get really extravagant if it was just a blank base, but I have no idea why I brought that up because when you understand who you are and how you're wired and you start operating from that place of potential, that's how you start to attract your people like a magnet to those lead.

shavings in the old magnetic. Magnetic face. Magni face. That's my word for [00:10:00] it. Anyway. Oh my gosh. Okay. So, embracing your inner rock star from a place of telling stories. And I keep sharing just because it's so effective and it's so easy. If you already have testimonials, if you are a songwriter, and you have fans that are buying your stuff.

They are giving you shout outs on your social media platforms all day long. So, an easy way to speak and tell stories, you know, are sharing some of the longer DMs and messages on your social media platforms. What's the feedback that you're getting? From your storytelling. What is the feedback that your audience members, that your fans, your raving fans are already giving you, right?

So a lot of you, if you are any of my clients, you're already doing this. But if you're a new emerging artist or you're wanting to try your hand at songwriting that that's the place to start. Is what's the feedback you're already getting [00:11:00] if you aren't, or you're brand new to all of this, what's the feedback that your friends are giving you?

What's the feedback that you're getting from the open mics? If you haven't gotten past the karaoke carb thing yet, what's the feedback that you get when you sing a karaoke club? That's what we started here in town. Take all of that to heart, you know, drop those notes down in a little journal somewhere because that is feedback.

That is feedback from your higher self, from the universe, God, whatever your thing is, you're already getting feedback from people that want to hear more of you. All right. Now, number two, I only have a few things here today. Number two, breathe like you're a boss. Okay. Breathing. It's, it's just critical. I can't say enough about it.

It's the secret weapon for anything you're doing with your voice. And the key to breathing is not just breathing, but it's breathing correctly, right? Drawing that breath. through your nose or mouth all the way past the lungs [00:12:00] into that solar plexus, right? That deep expanding of your belly as you inhale, moving that belly button forward on the inhale.

On the exhale, moving that belly button towards your spine with that contraction, right? Really fueling up. This is your fuel. Breath, air moving through the vocal cords is the fuel for creating sound to leave the vocal cords, right? Practicing breathing correctly, right? There's definitely an incorrect way to breathe.

Breathing correctly is what is going to help strengthen support. It's going to give your voice that extra ump. It's going to help you stay on key with your pitch. What happens when we run out of breath? You don't have enough air and you're running out of breath. Now your pitch is going to go flat. All right.

If you have too much breath, if you're delivering too much breath, too much energy all at once, you're going to end up being sharp. So more on that in other [00:13:00] episodes. And this stuff is all over my website and YouTube videos. You know, a lot of how to things. How to do any of this stuff correctly, but breath, it's key.

It affects your pitch. It affects whether or not you can hold and maintain that phrase to the end of that long ballad. More on that. If you missed it, and you're a woman, head over, if you didn't already pick it up, head over to the Women's Facebook group, Find Your Voice, Rock Your Confidence, ladies, it's a private group.

If you're not already a member please go become a member, go ask for the permissions and click on all the stuff that you need to get in there. In the month of June, Last month, I actually ran three weeks, three 30 minute trainings on all kinds of breath work. Resources, books exercises. So, go pick that up.

They're, they're trainings in themselves, so more on that. Number three, friends, mastering your [00:14:00] resonance. So, the resonance... Is the the quality of the sound we're not talking whether or not you're on key right as a singer, you're flat or you're sharp or you're right in the pocket. The resonance is that it's that richness.

It's that vibration, right? So let's let's play for a minute. We're just going to start with a humming exercise. So again, wherever you're at, unless if you're driving in the car or you're not able to do this at this moment, you can push a pause and come back to this later. But what I want you to do is feel what's happening in your body when we do this hum.

So, get quiet just for a moment. If you can't, feet are flat on the ground or, or on the floor. You're going to keep your shoulders relaxed. You're going to take that breath through nose or mouth. Pass the lungs into the solar plexus. With that deep breath I just spoke to, take that breath in. And as you exhale, we're just going to hum together.[00:15:00]

Something like this.

Take another breath. It doesn't matter what note you're on. If you can match me, great. Take another breath. As you do this exercise, we're going to do it again. Take another breath. I want you to tap into the vibration happening in your nose, in your cheeks. In your, your, with your lips and your teeth, maybe up in your forehead.

Let's try doing this in the lowest part of your body right now. So I teach that you've got one voice, three vocal vicinities. We're going to drop into the lowest part of your body. So go, get as low as you can possibly go. This is all about focus of attention. Take your breath. How relaxed can you get?

Should sound something like this. Try it with me. Breath first.[00:16:00]

So at that level down in my belly and there was a little clip there where I ran out of air I didn't have enough air, but my lips were my lips is where I was really feeling that vibration They were like buzzing now. We take another breath. Let's jump back up into your just your regular speaking or singing voice, right?

up in your chest That place that you, you speak from all day long. Another breath. Here we go. Let's try it again. Let's see where that buzz, where that resonance, how that moves in your body. Another breath into the belly. Shoulders stay relaxed. Close mouth, exhale through the nose, feel the buzz. Try that again.

Big breath in. So that in my lips and

my teeth. I kind of hovered between my sinus cavity here in my Well, [00:17:00] if you're listening to this, you can't see this. If you're watching on the YouTube that hovered right around my sinuses on either side of my nose. And then let's try one more. This one is a little bit of a dance between energy and relaxation, but we're going to take another nice deep breath and we're going to move that up into that head voice or that falsetto.

It's going to sound something like this. Listen once.

Ooh, let's do that again. Once you do it and feel not a lot of buzzing going on, but a lot of air, very light up in my falsetto up behind and above my eyebrows. Try that again with me. Big breath in.

Good. Yeah. Nicely done. So three different parts of your body. Three different sounds, although I [00:18:00] do believe those might have all been the same note. If you are a singer watching, listening to this those were essentially three different octaves. Three different parts of your body. So, you know, I want to encourage you, have fun with this stuff.

Have fun. Learning how your instrument works, experiment, play. Greatest thing, I mentioned this in last week's episode, I believe. The Def Leppard, Pour Some Sugar On Me.

I'm gonna share in the show notes what it was the Royal Orchestra. Redid the song, turned this classic rock, not total hard rock, metal rock, but turned it into a symphony. Absolutely beautiful. You would not know it was pour some sugar on me to hear how it's been remade. Wonderful [00:19:00] experiment. So the song was redone by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, written by Joe Elliott. Phil Cohen, Richard Savage, Mutt Lange contributed to this project, the original written project. Absolutely beautiful, an epic ballad, a wonderful experiment, how to take a song like that. In fact, I found it on the Joe Elliott show, if there are any Joe Elliott fans having to listen to this a deep cut.

He has this whole show, it's a deep dive, like he has a lot of b side plays, but things that you, you would never have heard otherwise. So another great way to experiment and have fun. And this is a wonderful exercise for you. If you are a songwriter wanting, you just need some. You just need some fuel. You need some creative energy.

You know, maybe you've gotten in a rut and you don't know what to do. Go force [00:20:00] yourself to listen to your top five most inspirational artists that you love, that you just can't get enough of. And then just play around and try to take what they've done and redo it in a totally different genre. It's an incredible exercise.

It's very valuable. You will be blown away at what you can create when you play that little game, the rewrite game I'm calling it. Okay. Here is that thing I was alluding to vocal fry. Now the suggestion was if you want to add. Flavor and attitude to your singing that this is is a suggestion that you can do and that fry This is and I'm exaggerating this right now fry vocal fry, right?

So it's very gritty. It's that creaky. It's the door hinge Right. It adds edge to the voice. I I see that with singers. I tend to see it more with the metal Rockers that have been doing that. I mean, you've been doing that without training and [00:21:00] incorrectly. Now, this is the caveat. If you're a singer, if you already use Frye, first of all, make sure that you're doing it correctly.

Make sure that you're doing it in a way that is not going to ruin your voice. The second piece of that, whether you're using it or you want to use it, my suggestion, my. professional suggestion is to use it sparingly and not all of the time. It really is like taking the vocal cord muscles against a cheese grater.

So, you know, there is a correct way to do that off connected to that breath and your solar plexus having enough air to still move that air and energy out. What fries is its energy still. Sitting on the vocal cords. There's a, a piece of that still sitting there. It is a way Janice Joplin, you know, she did a lot of that.

And so, you know, again, there were a lot of, you know, other things involved, you know, drugs, [00:22:00] alcohol, not sleeping, that screaming you know, I have no idea what her vocal background or training was, that would be a fun project for me to go look into and share with all of you, the listeners. But again, you can ruin your voice if you're not doing it correctly.

And if you're doing it too much but it, it is a fun thing. If you've never done it before it would definitely affect your listener differently. If you're a very clean and clear all the time, you know, maybe a pop artist or. or maybe you are doing ballads all the time. This would be one way to really get your listeners attention.

Your fans would not know what hit them and be wondering, wow, they're doing something really different there. And then the next one here, amp up your stage presence. So, you know, at Showtime friends, when you step on that stage, it's not just about. It's the whole enchilada, my friends. Okay. It's now for me, even before you get on the stage and your presence there, it's all [00:23:00] about your pre prep.

So those of you who know me, I love the whole hair and makeup wardrobe piece, right? Practicing and getting ready for your show and all your background. And if you're using a backing tracks, your team, your sound guy, your stage management, your lights, that's, that's a given friends. But you as a performer, you as the presenter, putting that little extra time, you know, if you're going on tour.

Now, and the guys, it's so funny, I don't know that the guys are as much into this as the ladies are, but I mean, oh my gosh, look at Taylor Swift, you know, JLo. How many stage, how many times are they changing their outfits? Like, that is a lot of work. And you've got your microphones, you're having to, oh, just, I'm not at that level.

No plans to ever be at that level. I like the level that I'm at as a performer when I still get to perform. But there's something to be said for, you know, what, what is your dress going to be? You know, even with my, my, my hobbyist, [00:24:00] when they're doing showcases. We're still talking hair, makeup, wardrobe. Are we going to do casual?

Are we going to do country? Are we, are we dressing up for this? You know, making sure that your band are, there's some sort of you know, flow that happens. You don't want, you know, your keyboard player, you know, in, in their ripped up jeans and their, their roll up t shirt. And your guitar player over in his button down with a tie, right?

It's just, you know, these are things to think about as a performer. So, and your rituals, your pre show rituals. You've heard me talk about self care, diva days, whether you're just starting out and you want to do some open mics. Or, you know, the karaoke or you're going to be doing a party right now, you know, at the time of year where there's a lot of, you know, the coffee shops and the breweries and there's a lot of, you know, garage bands that are leaving their garage now and heading out there.

So, you know, not as big of a deal, but if you want to show up like a pro, if you want to play like a [00:25:00] pro, if you want to be seen as a pro. You know, all these silly little things that might not seem like a whole lot. They make a difference when you show up in front of your audience. So pre show rituals and we talked about taking a little break, you know, vocal if you're the vocalist, not putting a lot of under your vocal cords before you actually have to get on the show, staying hydrated, making sure that you up, some yoga, some stretching out meditation.

All of these things are Awesome. These are going to help with your, you're being grounded with you making that eye contact with your audience and gauging with your body language, connecting with your listener on a deeper level, really giving that an experience that they will never forget. You know, it's that whole package and someone that I always admired.

We had, they're, they are no longer around anymore, but all of the singers have dispersed and have gone on [00:26:00] and Hunter, I don't know if you will ever catch this, but Hunter used to be with the band. He was the front man for Soul City Survivors and. And he not only was a front man, he was actually amazing, like all over the place.

And then I, I know, you know, he left that world for a little while and it sounds like he might be making his way back into, but if you ever get to meet him in the area or see him perform, I don't know if his performances have changed much from back in the soul city survivor days. But absolutely amazing.

Those leather pants, bro. That was something, those shiny shirts his, his stage presence. He was the epitome of the rebel rock star. And, and they did a lot of classic you know, rock R& B soul Motown type stuff. So, you know, we all have it. We all have. That thing and that's that we kind of like keep it under the bushel and oh, you know, I don't want to, I don't want to offend anybody.

I don't want [00:27:00] to be too much. You know, I was one of those people that was told growing up on your too much. You're too loud. Be quiet. You know, settle down. You know, I, I, the only thing that is different now is that. I think I'm more mindful of who I'm with and do a better job at being able to mirror the level of the energy in the room.

So I am not that fire hose, you know, all over everybody. You know, the Stella, Stella is not allowed to the party anymore. I found a nice blend where I can still be myself and be on and encourage others and have a good time, but not You know, have people going, dang, you know, she's too much. And even if that does happen, it doesn't bother me anymore.

So now is the time, friends, and quick review. You know how, you know how I work now. One, embrace that inner rock star, right? Find that, that attitude. Find that thing in you that needs to [00:28:00] come out. So you can let it out. Breathe like a bouse. Right? Correctly. Learning how to breathe correctly, and there's going to be more on that.

If you missed it ladies, that Facebook group in last month in June, Find Your Voice, Rock Your Confidence. There's three 30 minute sessions over there. Mastering your resonance, really knowing where is that vibration? Moving in your body. When I teach the national anthem, a perfect example. You know, that's a song that's done a cappella.

There's usually no instrumentation with that. The way I teach clients how to find That very first note is key. Da da da. It's actually the third. Ba da da. Ba da da. It's finding where are those first three notes, that third note. Where does that land in your body? Where are you feeling it? Where are you hearing it?

That is your starting place, right? They don't have anything to listen to. You've got to feel it in your body, and as long as you know where that's starting from, [00:29:00] you're, you're gonna, you're gonna hit it out of the ballpark. It'll be beautiful. So, number four, adding flavor with vocal fry, sparingly, conservatively, not doing that a lot, and if you're going to use it, do it correctly.

Learn how to do it safely so you don't ruin your voice. And then the last one, amping up your stage presence, right? It's the whole It's the whole thing, right? It's, it's, what do you look like, right? This, this is where, you know, it's costumes, friends, right? Hair, makeup, wardrobe, friends, right? It's, it's that, it's that, that persona that you get to encapsulate when you get on the stage.

I don't know where I was the other day. Oh one of our teachers, our major disruptor, Ann, She was sharing all of these different examples of celebrities and their brands and their brand message and [00:30:00] Well, I think it was might have been herself and she's the love where's the leather coat and I'll put a little shout out in the show Notes to her but you know, she's very much like me when when we have to be on I think because we are on all The time you know, our persona is is one way But truth of the matter is all the vocal work that I do when I am by myself I'm actually pretty quiet.

I don't, I'm not, I don't listen to a lot of music. I'm not I actually, I actually like to read and quiet and meditate. So, I'm, I'm a little bit different now since I've discovered these things about myself. And it also helps me stay in balance. So with that, friends, don't be afraid to put in the work. Embrace these unconventional, like I said, this is not my typical vocal coaching method or technique. Watch your voice soar as you experiment and play. And before you sign off or once this is all over, please, if you don't already have it, go pick up on the website.

It's free. The [00:31:00] link is in the show notes. 26 ways to activate your voice. Instantly. It is a breathing meditation, affirmation exercise. It is less than 10 minutes long. It's a great way to get your voice and your mental brain centered, grounded and warmed up all simultaneously. And if you are still on the fence and you're not sure, you know, gosh, this stuff all sounds interesting.

I don't know if it's for me. I don't know if I can make the commitment. I don't know if I have the budget for this right now. Please go grab the link. Get yourself on my calendar for a complimentary discovery call. There's a few questions I have in the application. Please fill those out so that when we get on the call, we can jump right in and be productive, but give me a call.

Let's have a conversation to see if this is something that you could benefit by. Not enough time and not enough money just are not even excuses anymore because I have so many wonderful things available. There are complimentary there. free gifts. There are packages available [00:32:00] to fit your time commitment and your budget.

And there's no reason for you to wait any longer. There's no reason for you to wonder instead of you going to all the barbecues and the coffee shops and all the parties this summer, wondering, you know, and wanting, you know, gosh, I wish I could do that. Friends call me. Let's have a conversation. Let me show you that you can do this too.

You can be up there on the open mic. You can get on that karaoke club stage and belt out your favorite rock song with confidence and have a blast doing it and icing on the cake. Super fun when your audience gets up and dances to what you're singing, whether it's you know, karaoke or live band or whatever, super fun when they're up there singing along with you, and then when you're all done, all those pats on the back and all that love, I mean, there's no reason for you to wonder anymore, friends, go book a call.

Go pick up your free gift. I'll see you on the other side.


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